Fighting To Protect Your Rights And Seeking Justice
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Let Us Help You Get The Personal Injury Compensation You Deserve

A serious injury can be a burden in so many ways – physically, financially, emotionally. Dealing with the financial setbacks alone can be a nightmare. Costly medical bills, missed paychecks, car repairs and the countless other expenses that go along with an injury can leave you feeling defeated and hopeless.

At Russell Smith Attorneys, you’ll find strong allies in fighting for the financial recovery you deserve. Our personal injury attorneys handle these cases because we truly care. We consider it an honor to help people seek justice after they’ve been wronged.

Personal injury is exactly that – personal. You need a lawyer that understands your life and what it takes to make it whole again.

We will fight to get you what you deserve. More importantly, we will fight to get your life back.

We’ll Go The Extra Mile For You

Drawing on extensive experience, our attorneys will custom-tailor a strategy for your unique case. We are no strangers to complex or challenging cases. You can rely on us to go the extra mile for you in cases such as:

  • Traffic collisions
  • Motorcycle and bicycle crashes
  • Collisions with pedestrians
  • Slip-and-falls and other premises liability cases
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Negligence and injuries in schools and child care centers

If you’re not sure whether you have a personal injury claim, contact us and get a free opinion from one of our lawyers.

Hurt In A Car Crash?

Far too many firms that handle car wreck cases are settlement mills – they churn out one settlement after another just to make a quick buck. We’re not like that. We appreciate that every case is different, which means your case deserves a tailored approach, not a cookie-cutter formula.

Once more, we’re not afraid to take these cases to trial. We only take cases we feel confident we can win – and we’ll invest the time, effort and creative thinking it takes to give your claim every chance of a rock-your-world outcome.

Talk Directly To An Attorney About Your Personal Injury Case

When you contact us, you’ll speak directly with one of our lawyers, not a receptionist or paralegal. We offer free initial consultations. Call 502-915-2360 or send us a quick online message to get started.

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