Fighting To Protect Your Rights And Seeking Justice
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Not Your Average Lawyers

Nothing is more frustrating than leaving repeated voicemails for an attorney and never hearing back. When you hire a lawyer, they should promptly respond to all of your inquiries, period.

At Russell Smith Attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky, that’s what we do. We’re not your typical lawyers. We are ready to fight for you, whether against criminal charges or to get the compensation you deserve after an injury or civil rights violation. You can rely on us to come through for you when it matters most.

Here, you will find extensive, in-depth experience and the fierce determination it takes to get results.

Meet Our Team

Our firm consists of two lawyers joining forces to provide bold, aggressive legal representation that is client-focused. Our lawyers have the skill, experience and knowledge to successfully tackle the toughest of cases. One of them clerked for a federal judge, which is an extremely competitive position that gave him valuable insight into how judges approach cases.

Learn more about their backgrounds:

We Believe You Deserve The Best Representation Possible – At Affordable Rates

Financial concerns shouldn’t prevent you from getting top-notch legal representation, especially in such high-stakes cases as criminal charges or personal injury. We go out of our way to make our services accessible and affordable. Talk to us about your options if finances are a concern.

Fighting To Get Your Life Back

Legal troubles such as criminal charges or a serious injury can derail your life in so many ways. We know how stressful that is. You deserve a legal advocate who will fight tirelessly to get your life back on track – whether that means challenging the charges at trial or pursuing a favorable financial recovery in court. You can count on our lawyers to go the extra mile for you.

Start Today With A Free Consultation

Learn more about how we can help you: call 502-915-2360 or fill out a quick online contact form to request a free consultation. When you reach out, you’ll talk directly with attorney James Russell or Mike Smith – not a secretary or legal assistant.

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