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Civil Rights Claims: Fighting For Justice Against Governmental Abuses Of Power

With great power comes the vast potential for corruption. That’s an unfortunate reality at all levels of government. When agents of the government – for example, law enforcement officers, correctional officers or others in a position of control – abuse their power, and you or a loved one has paid the price, you deserve justice.

We’re here to help you get it. At Russell Smith Attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky, our attorneys are passionate advocates for people who have been wronged by governmental abuses. We believe that nobody should have to tackle the justice system alone, especially in a case as complex as a civil rights claim. Many lawyers simply steer clear of this area because it involves taking on such a powerful opponent – the government.

We’re not intimidated. We know how to stand up against the government, including going all the way to trial if needed, and we won’t hesitate to stand up for you in defense of your rights.

Types Of Civil Rights Violations

Some of the most common categories of cases include:

  • Law enforcement misconduct such as police brutality (use of excessive force), false arrests, planting evidence, tampering with evidence and falsifying evidence
  • Mistreatment of prisoners in state or federal correctional facilities – for example, use of excessive force, neglect, degradation or humiliation
  • Discrimination by people acting on behalf of the government, on grounds such as race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or disability

Even if you were imprisoned or arrested for a crime when the civil rights violation happened, that doesn’t make it OK. You deserve justice.

If you’re not sure whether you have a civil rights claim, talk to our attorneys. We’re happy to provide an opinion during a free consultation.

We Know How To Tackle These Challenging Cases

Civil rights claims can be difficult because you’re taking on a state or federal government agency. Those agencies have teams of lawyers dedicated to defending against these types of claims. You need a fierce attorney who is willing to take your case to litigation if needed.

We’re not afraid to tackle tough cases. One of our lawyers worked in the judicial system, clerking for a federal judge, so he has an insider’s perspective that proves valuable when fighting for clients in cases like these. Here, you can trust that we will go the distance to help you secure justice.

Learn More During A Free Consultation

To talk with our lawyers about your civil rights case, call 502-915-2360 or reach out online to schedule a free consultation. You’ll speak directly with one of our lawyers, not a secretary or receptionist.

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